[ Q ] What is Get Sweat Slim Belt?

[ ANS ] Get Sweat Slim Belt is an innovative slimming formula that can help you reduce calories, flatten abdomen and lose stomach fat. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that you can wear it anywhere and at anytime.

[ Q ] What is it made of?

[ ANS ] Get Sweat Slim Belt is made with high quality Neoprene Fabric.

[ Q ] How it works?

[ ANS ] The Get Sweat Slim Belt helps you to reduce calories in the form of sweating, increasing the core temperature of the body. the scientific design and compression with the belt helps you get yourself the correct posture, flatten abdomen and also get firm tummy.

[ Q ] How to use?

[ ANS ] Get Sweat Slim Belt is very easy to use. All you need to do is wear this belt whenever you want to, even while working in office or doing your home chores.

[ Q ] What does the product package include?

[ ANS ] 2x Get Sweat Slim Belt

[ Q ] How to order?

[ ANS ] To place your order-

  • Fill in the order form on the website ad submit your request.
  • You can dial on the phone number given on our website and order your product.
* Note : Results may vary person to person.

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